Remodels and Home Construction


From the start of a project Anthracite Builders is involved with securing the necessary permits and approvals within the county or city. With over 30 years of experience navigating through the historical, residential and commercial code books we have the expertise to get through what can be a difficult process. Working with the architect, we are able to facilitate designing, structural, mechanical and electrical systems to establish materials and alternatives to achieve the best product early on.



Anthracite Builders provides something unique in the general contracting business in that Peter is the full time, onsite job superintendent. This maintains the highest set of standards and quality control for each project. We have an office manager that controls the monthly billing, blogs and budgets. We can provide a detailed analysis of all bids, materials, schedules and changes at any time.



One of the most important aspects of building is scheduling, ordering of materials, delivery dates and subcontractor work. Identifying materials early on and especially those that have long lead times is essential to finishing a project on time. With our resources we can help you choose those materials with the architect and designer to make sure they are available and will not affect the critical path schedule.



Gunnison County is a relatively small area that has many fine subcontractors we have used for years. Based on these relationships they understand the level of quality and craftmanship that is required. In certain cases we source out materials and some contract work based on competitive pricing. However, it has been our experience in maintaining valued subcontractors we save time and money over the longterm.


Client Communications

Most of our clients are going to be making Crested Butte their second home and so much of the communication has to be done long distance. We provide a weekly photo documentation blog that shows detailed pictures of progress and also allows us to address questions or changes quickly. We use services such as Skype, group video, call forwarding, voicemail, instant messaging and file sharing. These services take “unreachable” out of the equation.



Anthracite Builders carries all the necessary insurances required by the State, including General Liability and Workmans Compensation. We also require all of our subcontractors to carry the same.


Post Construction

Once the project is completed we will submit all owners manuals, warranties and maintenance schedules. We will also include all subcontractors names and addresses as well as materials used for repairs, etc. Our warranty period is one year and many of the systems go beyond that.